Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Happy Halloween

Ever since I was a little tike I have been a big fan of Halloween. Pumpkin carving is possibly the best part of Halloween. When I lived in Argentina I even went so far as to carve a watermelon, (they don't do Halloween down there).
I put it up out side and waited for the little Argentinos to come knocking. I even got some class A candies to hand out..... my comp ate them...
No one came. I think a glowing face was a bit to much for the little town of Barradero....(superstitious perhaps). So in the spirit of keeping good times alive we invited some friends over on friday night to carve some pumpkins. It was a good time.
The wife had a hard time trying to think of the perfect face, but nailed it with her goofy face. I opted for the scary beyond belief option.Good Timez