Sunday, September 5, 2010

Funny Girl and 27 Weeks Picture

So, I just thought I would share a few funny moments that our Rose has had recently. She talks up a storm and is clearly understandable.
-She loves saying "good girl" and has recently applied this to just about anything. "Good girl lion" "good girl cereal" and my favorite "good girl papa"
-Rose will play peek a boo with just about anything as well. The other day we were outside and the air conditioner came on. So she snuck around my legs and played peek a boo with the air conditioner for about 2 minutes.
-She will have conversations with herself while she is suppose to be napping such rambling on about something I don't understand and then every few moments saying "ok" or "no"
-While eating sloppy joes she had way to big of a piece in her mouth and tried to swallow. She got all red and in a raspy voice said, "big bite."
A picture of us at the hub's white coat ceremony. My dad came out to see us. This is the only picture where Rose looks happy. She was way too tired this day.

Here is a 27 week picture. I am feeling much better and actually getting out to exercise a few days a week. This second pregnancy is going much faster and I attribute it to not having a baby ticker on my blog that I have to look at everyday reminding how much longer I have left. The weeks just seem to fly by. The hub started dental school last week and is doing well. He is very busy and Rose and I are getting use to being alone all day and sometimes all night. So, if you are in Lincoln or just want to come visit, please do!