Monday, February 25, 2008

The Office

The results are in. According to, my personality matches best with none other than than the big tuna.

We both have rather large chins, I would say. All Jim needs is a cool floppy hat and some glasses and he's there.

It was close though, some of my answers had definite Schruteties.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to Bloggin'

So there have been no real pictures taken in the last little bit... so imagine that it's actual January 10th instead of February. So first off we celebrated our 2 year anniversary (I like to call it honeymoon 2) up in Estes Park. We had a great dinner...we won't talk about the check under my right elbow.
We also saw a wolf!!! He was ice skating. He obviously did not see the sign.

We had a good time at Christmas in Colorado. The Wii was a hit with both the little and big cousins. I wish we had taken a video. I'm glad Wii remotes have wrist straps. We had a good time with Lil'mil. We tried to sacrifiace Lil'mil to the stocking gods.....

but he got bored fast and decided it would be more fun to escape and eat a cup.

He also was against laying still for a diper change. There must be some kind of trick moms use to change babys' dipers. I mean he was like a little corkscrew. I tried to spin him the other way but it didn't work either...o well, I guess i'm off the hook in the future:)
notice the unusually large calf looming in the background...yeah, I got no help from him.