Saturday, September 13, 2008


Before... After... (It looks worse that it really is)
So at the end of the summer Hoss turned me on to a new way to spend my money (which he doesn't have). Building RC airplanes. This is yet again another hobby that my bro-inLaw has gotten me into. Hoss had recently built and RC park Jet. I watched him fly it for about 45 seconds and I was hooked. (it would have been longer but a gust of wind pushed it to the ground breaking the fuselage into a bagillion pieces {actually just two}). He had some extra foam, so I downloaded some plans from RCPowers and made my first RC airplane. It took awhile (mostly because I didn't have anything of my own and had to wait for parts) but at the end of August Muffin was finished. I impulsively flew her right away the day happened to be very windy... about 15 seconds later Muffin, was dead... she did a nose dive at Mach 0.0197 and was left with a smashed front end.
I didn't think to take a picture of my pain... any way I fixed her up nicely a few days later. Unfortunately for her I plugged my motor into the binding pin slot on my transmitter... it naturally did not work so I started flipping switches and turning my controller on and off. I some how sent a signal through the binding pin slot and the plan took off full tilt in the kitchen, smashing into the fridge. I had to re-build her again.

Finally yesterday she was once again ready to fly.

I forgot to turn off the prop before she hit the ground, so I think that is the reason why it broke again. Don't worry she is already fixed up again!
So the wife is making fun of me because my airplane is a girl. She says boats are girls planes aren't.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to the Grind

School started on the same day for both of us and we are both pretty busy. The hub is taking many classes to get a head start for next semester when he gets to play Mr. mom for a few months. He now has four interviews for dental school. We are really excited about that. So far we have Louisville, Arizona, Creighton, and Lincoln on the list. Lots of traveling coming up. On the first day of school I found out that I could not teach preschool in the same classroom as kindergarten. At first I was very stressed out about this, shed some tears and had a fit in the Principal's office. They wanted me teaching kindergarten 3/4 of the time and preschool 1/4 of the time in another classroom all together. Not happening! So, finally we are hiring for the preschool job and my job is all of a sudden a lot simpler. Now I am only teaching kindergarten and have 7 kids! I know, its incredible. Rose thinks that I will never be able to teach in a regular size classroom. She is probably right. Here are some pictures of the classroom for all my teacher friends.

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