Thursday, September 29, 2011

September update

Recently, I have not been that great at blogging and I feel like this is not such a bad thing in my life right now. I am trying to spend more time with the girls. You know, that one on one time, not just in the same room time. I can spend way too much time on the computer. I spend nap time napping myself and doing house work and spending time with the Hub at nights. So, blogging is low on the list. Tonight the Hub is gone and the girls are sleeping so here I am.

Here are the most recent pictures of the girls. Rose (almost 3) is just like an almost 3 year old should be. Sass and more sass but so sweet. How do they do that at the same time? She loves her sister. She carries her own baby around everywhere and even has a sling for her. She dances all day long and sings. Oh, she can only dance if she is wearing a skirt and tells me I can't dance because I am not wearing a skirt. I guess I can dance on Sundays. Miss Z (almost 10 months) is growing so fast. I thought the time went by fast with Rose. She can say a few words like mama (only when she is sad or hungry) and bye bye and hi. She imitates anything, especially dogs and loves Rose as long as Rose doesn't touch her and try to pull her by the leg across the floor. She isn't walking yet but close. This girl is the sweetest thing. She is a snuggler and sleeps between the Hub and I most nights. I stay very busy and have to remind myself these are daughters of God everyday so I don't get too stressed or worn out. I can say that when I take time to think about these angels I feel like I am in heaven.

This one (even if the picture isn't all that great) is just way too cute.