Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Rose

1 week later and we are officially fatigued, confused, and more happy than we have ever been. This week has been crazy with new baby, Christmas, and family and friends. We finished the week and are now ready to settle down and be a family of three.

Little Rose is already 8 days old and doing extremely well. Baby Milmonster's internet name is Little Rose. Sorry for those who want her full name, Rose is her middle name. Leave your email address and we will let you know. Here are a few pictures of our little miss for your enjoyment. She was a little jaundice for the first few days and had to stay under the lights for about 24 hours. Once she got use to it, we think she liked it. Nice and warm and she got a tan!

Sleepy girl. One of the many faces she makes after eating. See how tiny her fingers are next to daddy's ring.
By the way...we have been married 3 years today! Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet baby Milmonster

Well yesterday at 7:48pm Baby Milmonster made her way out of the mother ship with a weight of 6lb 11oz and a height of 18.5 in. Its to bad that sheet is covering part of her head... it keeps going and going, the little cone head.

This is after her bath. She is wearing her Santa hat.
She had this expression on her face for about a half an hour last night before we went to bed. she's a cutie.Here are my girls! looking so nice

Well here is the video as requested by Lil'mil Mom. Baby Milmonster doesn't do much yet but there is a yawn in there.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Beware the perfect gift...

So my Brother sent this to me (from his I-Phone)<-he loves his I-phone. I think this pretty much sums everything up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Offensive - Operation Eject

So as the baby ticker indicates, there are Zero days left... So I decided to take matters into my own hands. So last night we went to some friends house to eat hot wings. The idea was to more or less "smoke 'er out"... that didn't really work. The wings were dang good though. After that I took matters into my own hands once more and attempted to ancient art of acupressure.
I bet there is a subtle art to it that I just haven't figured out yet. Either way, the wife seemed to enjoy it. After that my camera was hijacked. I thought the best revenge would be to publish the resulting pictures on the Internet.
You cant tell it in this picture but Roundy #1 is actually bald. Roundy #2 is not bald, and also against camera terrorism.
B & B were trying to imagine what their baby might look like. Just add the lower left side of his face the the upper right side of her face and you can almost see it.
That's it. Hopefully then next post will have pictures of Baby Milmonster!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Waiting Game

Well, here we are...9 1/2 months pregnant and still waiting to hear about dental school. It seems like all we have been doing for 9 months is waiting on both of these exciting occurrences. The baby is not too far off however and definitely will come. Dental school on the other hand is a little less concrete. Maybe if the hub had a belly full of dental school admission papers and could deliver at any moment we would feel a little better. As he does not, we are still waiting. He is on the next to be contacted list in Louisville and is in good standing there. As for Lincoln and Creighton we have not gotten a rejection which is positive and will wait for the next round of admittance. We will see in the next few months what life brings us. The hub waiting oh so patiently. The wife waiting (maybe not so patiently).