Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet baby Milmonster

Well yesterday at 7:48pm Baby Milmonster made her way out of the mother ship with a weight of 6lb 11oz and a height of 18.5 in. Its to bad that sheet is covering part of her head... it keeps going and going, the little cone head.

This is after her bath. She is wearing her Santa hat.
She had this expression on her face for about a half an hour last night before we went to bed. she's a cutie.Here are my girls! looking so nice

Well here is the video as requested by Lil'mil Mom. Baby Milmonster doesn't do much yet but there is a yawn in there.



Stephanie said...

Congrats guys! Susan, I bet you are so relieved that she is finally here! Enjoy every minute because time flies by so quickly.

Rose said...

It's okay that the blanket is covering her head, but its too bad the booger sucker is in her eye!

She is so cute! Grandmama would be proud. She looks like A to me, but where'd she get those cheeks?

Can't wait to see her in person,

Mil said...

Didn't you know that your not supposed to shake the baby!

li'l mil said...

She's so cute! I think I'm with Rose that she looks more like A so far...we'll see how she fills out. I love the Santa hat!

Also, I meant video of the BIRTH, not the BABY. Silly Milmonsters. :)

Congrats you guys!

Wyoming Mom said...

So excited to see you, baby Milmonster! She is absolutely beautiful, you guys. Great job, Mama Milmonster! (You did good too, Daddy M. )

Emily said...

What is her name! What is her name!!!
Congrats you guys!!! So exciting!

Milmonster said...

her name is Milmonster... Baby Milmonster. Its in like the first sentence... I don't have your e-mail address Em. but if you give it to me I will e-mail you her non-internet name

li'l mil said...

(Just want to make sure you knew I was kidding about the birth video...)

Kristen said...

Oh man, I watched those videos over and over. I just can't believe it. I can't wait to come see her soon!

Chelsea Ellingson said...

Baby Milmonster?! Come on, what's her non-internet name? You can't keep it secret forever!
:-) I'm with everyone else, she definitely looks like Adam. Congratulations, guys, she's beautiful! Let us know if you ever come visit G-town so we can come and meet her!

Randy and Haley Davis Family said...

Congrats!! It is so great having a baby during the Christmas season! What is her name?