Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forever, I know

Ok, I know it has been forever since we last posted anything on our blog so I'll get right down to business. Following are a list of reasons for not posting...

1) We moved! We now live in Lincoln, NE and are waiting to start dental school in August. Until then we are working on our house, spending time in the garden, going on vacation, hanging out with some great friends (and family who visit often), and just enjoying this time of being together as a family and not having to worry about anything, well except for money because we have none.
2) I really like Lincoln so far. We have amazing friends already and we have only been here for little over 2 months. Our ward is great and people are so willing to help out that they actually come over and do it! The only thing I don't like about Lincoln is the humidity.
3) In May we took a trip out to Philly to see Lil'Mil and family before they moved back west. Pics to follow.
4) My parents and the hub's mom have been here already (a few times). Its hard to leave your family and I really didn't realize how much of a home body I was until my home was so far away. I love you all and miss you so much! Come visit!
5) The hub and I just took a trip to Las Vegas. We left Rose with my mom and left for five days. It was great to see the shows, the hotels, spend time at the pool in the sun, and reconnect with my hubby but Las Vegas is the devil's playground. I knew going there that this would be a problem for us but I didn't realize how much of a problem! We just kept our eyes on each other and tried not to look. Pics to follow this trip too.
6) Rose turned 18 months in June and I can't believe what a little woman she is. No baby left in that girl. She is definitely her papa's girl with her mama's attitude! We love her so much and love to see the new things she comes up with every day.
7) Last and probably the biggest reason for not posting...I'm pregnant! Yes, I know. We can't believe it either! I was incredibly sick for the first 15 or so weeks and spent most of the time in bed or on the couch. I'm 19 weeks along and due the end of November. We don't know the sex yet but will find out in a few weeks. I'm excited I could actually keep this a secret for so long! I am already fat and miserable but not as sick so I can deal with the other things.
So, thats about all. I'll get the pictures soon but wanted everyone to know whats been going on.