Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Letter

We decided to do a Christmas letter on our blog. A whole lot easier and no paper.
Well this has been an exciting and eventful year. Last December we were moving from Greeley to Cheyenne in the mist of a blizzard. We lived with the hub's family for about 8 months. In that time the hub finished at LCCC with not one but two associate degrees in Chemistry and Biology. I finished with a BA in Elementary Education and Spanish from the University of Northern Colorado and had a job in Rock River, WY teaching kindergarten and preschool by the time graduation came. Over the summer, the hub got a job with CBS news as a camera man and loved the experience. I taught 1st grade summer school and tried to get my room ready for the next year. We didn't have much free time but when we did we took a trip to Disney Land with my family and went camping with some old friends.
Even though we loved living with the hub's family, it was time to move on. We moved "over the hill" and the hub and I started school the same day. The hub working on his degree in Chemistry and I in my own classroom. It has been a hard semester for both of us. The first year of teaching is tough, don't let anyone tell you differently. The hub had a good semester of school but lots of reading made it sometimes discouraging for him (he ended up getting his fifth semester of straight A's!). I have realized that I may have gotten some teaching genes from my mother and am gaining the respect of my co-workers.
This past year the hub found that he loved the game of bowling (thanks to our brother-in-law) and is actually pretty good. He is getting a bowling ball for Christmas. I, on the other hand, like the game of Wii bowling and have held the title of pro-bowler for about 2 months now. We found that Nintendo Wiis are very hard to come by so we bought a few (with the help of the father and brother-in-law) and sold them before Christmas. We made a good chunk of change on ebay. Sorry for those who were trying to get one at the store, we bought them all.

For the future:
The hub is still thinking about dental school and we will see what happens with that in the future. He plans on taking the DAT before this summer.
I will continue teaching until plans change (we have a baby :) ). I am liking my job more everyday and it gets easier all the time. I am pretty lucky to get to work with those kids.
We are thinking of taking a large vacation this summer with some friends. Anyone up for Hawaii in July?!
Well, that's about all for us. We are reminded during this time of year of the humble birth, the exemplar life, and the redeeming death and resurection of our Savior and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. May we all keep His teachings in our hearts all year round and share His love with others.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree Fun

The tree in all its glory
We decided to get our first Christmas tree this year since we have room and are going to be home for most of the month. This was very exciting. Our first tree! Well, things fell through for a few weeks and the weather was suppose to be terrible (which it wasn't) so we decided to just buy a tree from a tree farm. We really didn't think things through very well because when we found the perfect tree, paid for and put it on top of our car, we had nothing to tie it down with. Ooops! the hubby ended up sitting in the back seat with the window rolled down, holding the trunk of the tree on top of the car. It was a cold ride.
After we got the tree home we had to cut the bottom of it off. We do not have a saw so the hub decided to use our NEW kitchen knives. He thought that because the man doing the demo on the knives cut through wood that he could too.(in my defense he also cut through a steel bar)

We started and got through about 1/2 a centimeter until the knife got too waxy. We then borrowed a saw from my uncle and got the tree inside to decorate with our seven ornaments. Looks good huh. Happy Holidays!

Right after we set up the tree we got a call from my bro, he and the fam were at the parents house and best of all they brought Lil'Mil it was a good time.

Lil'mil wants the camera and the hat.

We are getting to know each other.

You can't tell here but lil'mil is jumping. He likes to jump.