Monday, January 26, 2009

A few things I've learned...

Okay I know I've only been a mom for 5 weeks but here are a few things I have learned...
#11-Every symptom does go away after you've had the kidding, its a miracle!
#11 1/2-However, no matter how much weight you have lost you shouldn't try on your old clothes. I should have listened to Mil's advice on this 2 years ago.

#10-You will really get no sleep after the baby comes. You feed every 3 hours but by the time you feed, change a diaper, burp, and then the baby goes to sleep it is time to feed again.

#9-I thought I would like pumping because it would give my body a break once in a while...not so! I cried the first time the hub gave Lil' Rose a bottle. Going back to work is going to be harder than I thought:(

#8-I spent 9 months training myself to sleep on my side. Now, I can't sleep on my side because it hurts my gigantic boobs!

#7-I now have gigantic boobs! #5 1/2-Nursing bras are hard to find...any suggestions?

#6-I will never again ask a mom to hold her newborn baby. I use to do this all the time but now I know how hard it is to let others hold such a fragile and susceptible being. I can wait.

#5-It is true that they do grow too fast and that you really don't notice until you've seen another that is smaller.

#4-Going to the doctor and getting shots is one of the most traumatizing experiences...for me!

#3-I thought I would love hearing advice from others, but honestly, if I don't ask for it I don't want it.
#2-No matter what you do, if you are going to get stretch marks you will get stretch marks. I look like a pink zebra has occupied my mid section.
#1-The first time Little Rose smiled at me (and every time since) I thought I could never have enough love for anyone else. Except of course when the hub smiles and then my cup runneth over.

I know there would be some mad people out there if I didn't post pictures. Here are some recent pics of Lil' Rose for all the Lil' Rose fans.

Dad likes to place her pants on top of her head and pretend she is a French chef:)

Another adorable duck towel picture. Can't get enough of these!

Getting so strong with Daddy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Baby's Day (according to dad)

So we wake up in the morning and if its a good day Lil' Rose gets a shower, she likes showers. She doesn't like getting dressed after wards but she sure looks cute in her duck towel.
If you want your baby to be more calm at the changing table put a mirror next to it. After the shower she usually conks out pretty fast for her morning nap.
After her nap we talk and think about stuff... like how the whole milk thing works. It perplexes her as well.
Then she sleeps more. After that we like to have some tummy time
Then we take head measurements
She got really excited when she found out that she had a new little cousin, Nano. She is trying to say ooooooo (I'm not good at spelling sounds)
She also like to kick back and put her feet up whenever there is an opportune moment.
O yeah and she eats a poops a lot to but I'm not aloud to take pictures of that...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Secret to Happiness

Before the secret is revealed little Rose wanted you all to observe how big her dad's head is.

Behold the secret to happiness. Pay attention at the 30 second mark.