Thursday, March 4, 2010

valentines and estes park

Ok, this post has taken me many days to complete. I don't know why, maybe I'm too impatient with the uploading of pics but here it is. Just some pictures from the last month of what we have been up to...

Rose really likes the snow now and doesn't mind getting all dressed up even if she can't move.

Beautiful winter day outside.

This is a regular occurrence now in our house.
The hub and Nate made a fabulous fruit bouquet for Valentine's Day, plus they made us dinner. So sweet. Good job boys.

Last weekend we went to Estes Park for a nice time alone as a family. Rose loved looking at all the new scenery. Our favorite place to stop in Estes is this glass blowing shop. You can watch them make anything and sometimes we are able to buy something on clearance. I have a dream of a patio lit with these glass balls hanging all around (someday).