Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you could say spontaneous

I finished work last week (yippee!) and A got a job in Cheyenne as an oral surgeon assistant and started today. So, as soon as he got the job we thought we needed to take a much needed vacation asap. So we got tickets on Thursday and headed to San Diego on Saturday. It was a little crazy trying to get everything ready to go but we pulled it off. Here are some great pictures of our trip.

Rose did pretty good on the plane on the way there although she didn't sleep. On the way back she screamed for about 10 minutes :( and then fell asleep. A new face Rosie is making. Its her thinking face. All smiles at Sea World during the dolphin show! Darth doesn't stand a chance against those chubby rolls!Mini Las Vegas at Legoland

We toured the USS Midway aircraft carrier. When we went on the flight deck Rosie loved the wind blowing in her face so she blowed bubbles the entire time.
We had a great time and now its back to the everyday world. A went to work, Rosie and I both have a cold, and I'm at home with the daunting (and exciting) task of taking care of the baby and trying to move in the next few weeks.