Sunday, January 31, 2010

where to begin

Sorry, we haven't posted anything in a while. Its been a crazy month. Where to begin...

We had an interesting Christmas as we didn't get to make most of our get togethers because of weather, roads, and the flu. Then, the Milmonster family was around for about 1 1/2 weeks. We pretty much spent all day with the family and then came home to sleep. It was great fun to get to see Lil'Mil, Nano, MiniB, and family for so long. Rose started to walk and is already an expert. She also has 8 teeth, 9 and a 10 on the way.

Then, life started again and decided to head to Lincoln to house hunt. Before we left we wanted to leave Rose here with grandma and that meant getting her use to the bottle. She wouldn't have anything to do with it so we made reservations at a hotel and grandma was coming with. Then, Rose decided to wean herself so everyone came to Lincoln and we had great fun. We looked at 26 houses and found about 2 that we really liked. Made an offer on 1, then 2, and number 2 it is. We just heard today that they accepted our offer! I'm so excited that everything is falling into place. It seemed like 6 months ago we weren't sure what we were doing and where the Lord wanted us. I guess faith and patience are true principles of the Gospel:)
There are so many pictures I want to post but I will try and keep it short. Great Aunt Beth from Atlanta
Rose trying to get into the swing with MiniB.
Our little girl is the biggest moocher. Food is the surest way to make Rose your best friend.

Nano, Rose and Grandpa's chin
Lil'mil and Rose's favorite game...lil'mil playing with cars, Rose putting them in her mouth and lil'mil taking them away from her
Beautiful blue-eyed girl
Papa sitting on my lap
Mmmmm. Only 3 weeks apart and best friends. Want to know why our pictures look so is our new christmas present!
And a picture of our new home!