Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our Spring Trips

I thought it was starting to ge nice here... that was untill we went to Arizona with 80+ weather for spring break. We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in a retirement community, so we got to brush up on some of the finer things in life... like driving golf carts instead of cars. you would be surprized what some of these people do with there carts down here.

Look what i can do!!
we picked fresh oranges from the tree in the back yard. and while the women folk made fresh squished orange juice.
I re-aranged the two twin beds into a more favorable orientation
We had alot of run with grandpa hicking up at White Berral... I mean White Tank mountain. we saw lots of native american carvings on the rocks, it was pritty sweet.
After Arizona we took a short road trip out to Utah. We stayed with Sweeties friend from college. She cooked us pancakes, I like pancakes:) I was excited to meet up with some old friends and family (the three cousins reunited once agian) from the mission, Somos los Viejos. Including non-other than the elusive German, el Alleman.

We also got tickets for a sesion of conferance which was a lot of fun. I used my journal for a tripod. not bad for a little book eh?

It was realy neat to meet the former TexasEricsons in person. the wife and the Jake had alot of fun together as soon as he got use to her. In the background you can catch a glimps of my cousin resently returned from mission, injoing some home cookin'. all and all it was a fun trip. To top it off we had some all you can eat frys at RedRobin with eRock, big E, lil Brit, and The Bot (sporting a new stream-lined look).


Kristen said...

Great post! It was so fun when you guys came out, and the pancakes were pretty sweet I must admit.
I am jeleous you guys got to drive golf carts.
I am glad you had so much fun on all your trips. Come back soon!!!

Jenn said...

Wish you guys would have brought one of those golf carts up! Jake would have warmed up to you a lot quicker. School year is almost over Susan! Hang in there!