Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's hard not to want to do something special for your parents when they are so wonderful and give you everything you could possibly need or want. Last weekend we threw a surprise party for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. It was great and everything worked out so smoothly. My grandparents came up and took them out to dinner. Everyone was at the house on time and my parents loved it all. The only upsetting part of the party was when my mom walked in the door about 2 minutes before my dad! We had two surprises. Thankfully, the first surprise didn't ruin the next. So many people showed up and drove from long distances to come. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great night for my parents! Here are some pictures from the evening thanks to my wonderful aunt (our camera ran out of batteries during the first surprise).

We love you mom and dad! Everybody waiting for the happy couple.

The 1st surprise!

My grandparents look just as surprised but I swear they knew what was going on. The 2nd surprise! Giving of the gift. We got them Rockies tickets. Have fun at the game!
I hate speeches. Everybody but my dad was teary eyed. He's a hard shell to crack but we could all tell they were both very touched.
In the background you can see the fruits of my labor with my first ever carrot cake.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Thank you for your example of a truly happy couple and how hard work and partnership in a marriage can bless a family forever.

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Kristen said...

Wow I can see your belly!!
Anyway, I am glad the party went well. Your parents are some really good people. And you are a really good daughter.