Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Update and Naked Neighbor

Baby Update:
At almost 30 weeks, I'm feeling pretty good. I've already gained the desired amount of weight I wanted to so that's a bummer with still 10 weeks left, but my husband still thinks I'm beautiful so I'll live. My exercise instructor broke her foot a few weeks ago so I'm missing my fit for 2 class and the benefits of going each week. The hub has been very good at taking me on walks but I already bought some Halloween candy. I could not resist. My class is wonderful and they always ask about my "baby belly". One of my students from last year likes to poke and poke and poke. He thinks it is quite neat that a fat belly is so hard. Here's me looking tired but healthy. This was at 28 weeks so I'm a little bigger already. Who would have thought that maternity clothes could be too small!?! I should have listened to my wise mother who told me to buy the next size up even though it was too big at the time.

Here is the hub trying unsuccessfully to be as cool as me...This morning the baby was kicking at his face as he was talking to her. It was pretty funny.

Naked Neighbor

The greatly anticipated story of naked neighbor. Everyone says it sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Sorry to disappoint people but it is not that entertaining. So, here it is...One night while in the kitchen, I glimpsed out of the window and saw our neighbor brushing his teeth (fully clothed). The previous neighbors left the blinds closed all the time so I never thought of not looking or closing our curtains. I thought to myself, I hope he closes those before he is caught in his birthday suit. Well, no such luck. A few nights later, the hub and I were in the kitchen. I looked over his shoulder and saw the same neighbor brushing his teeth. To my dismay, this time there was a visible male organ! I screamed and ran to the other side of the kitchen, out of sight from the window. The hub turned, looked, and started laughing. He closed the curtain and it has been closed ever since (except to take the picture during the day). The bad part is the neighbor's blinds are still open. The funniest part is that the hub has a class with him! Oh, the joys of life.


Wyoming Mom said...

You look beautiful and I totally get the too small maternity clothes thing. By the time I am 37 weeks, the only thing that fits me is a circus tent. I am sure you won't have that problem, since you are tiny...but if you need some for those last couple weeks, let me know! :-) And the naked really is too funny! Your poor eyes...

Kristen said...

I have been awaiting belly pictures. Keep em comin baby. Get
The naked man story was great.

Tiffany said...

You are one hottt momma! I can't believe you're going to a little girl soon!

I seriously laughed out loud at the naked neighbor story! Wow! I'm glad he's not my neighbor...I would have a hard time not laughing when I saw him next!

Josh & Melissa said...

Thanks for coming over tonight! Your enchiladas were DELICIOUS!!! You make the best food ever!

We sure will miss you guys this weekend! Have a safe trip!