Tuesday, May 12, 2009

something other than Rose to post about

We know we have really only posted about our fabulous little girl since she was born, but lets face it, she is a lot more interesting than us. Well, we now have something other than Rose to post about. This weekend was packed full of family, food, and celebration. First, A graduated on Saturday in Chemistry and Spanish. We had almost the entire family over for pizza and cake. Then on Sunday we traveled to the homeland to celebrate Mother's Day. Here are some pictures of the events. Walking
The family
In 18 or so years, this picture might look a little similar.
I kind of felt like a wizard... or a priest...

4 Generation picture

We have to have a little Baby Rose!


Rose said...

You're so mean! She worked so hard to roll over and then you undid all of her hard work!

The Little's said...

Is it just me or is A's foot as big as Rose??! Congrats on graduating! We sure love you all!

li'l mil said...

She was so happy to roll away from that big, stinky foot! Congrats on graduating!!

Alli Howe said...

There is nothing better than a baby and a mortar board. Congrats! Keep us posted on your next step!

cspears said...

She has such a big smile when she finally gets over and then gives mommy this cute look to say, "Why Mommy, why?" She is doing so good! A, congratulations on graduating!! The family pictures are so great! I would have to agree that you look like you could be a wizard or priest in the robe. The picture with the three of you will be such a great memory to cherish and look back on. Congrats again! Look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the Milmonsters!