Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snow and Halloween

What a week! A had an interview in Lincoln, Ne this week and we decided to go earlier because of the snow storm. The interview went well and we are hopeful but were snowed out of Wyoming from Tuesday till Saturday. Thanks Davis' for letting us crash at your house for so long! After being snowed out of Wyoming for almost a week we were excited to get back home and enjoy Halloween. I made our costumes (Rose's skirt was the most fun). Here are some pictures of our little Bumble Bee and her bee keepers.

Decorating Halloween cookies. Delicious. We weren't able to carve pumpkins this year but we are thinking about Thanksgiving pumpkins:)
This is from the first fall snow storm. Rose had a love hate relationship. She loved to eat the snow but hated not being able to move in her snow suit.


Kent and Katie said...

What a cute idea for costumes! She makes a pretty dang cute little bee, that's for sure:)

li'l mil said...

You weren't kidding about the HUGE pipe cleaners! What a cute costume! And I was thinking about all that snow while we were trick-or-treating in almost-70 degree weather (pouring rain, but at least it wasn't snow!). Glad the interview went well--see you guys in a few more weeks!

Wyoming Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Look a that skirt. I LOVE it!!

Rose said...

The skirt is so cute, and of course Rose makes it even cuter...the huge pipe cleaners even dwarf her "big head"!