Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christmas and Rose's 3rd birthday

So much for posting every 2 weeks. Oh well. Here is the last post for 2011. Next will be 2012! I'm catching up!
Rose had a Woody and Buzz cake and loved it! 
I love making my girls their cakes even if they are kind of messy.
Rice Krispie cake with the Mils.

My santa baby.
She asked for a woody doll for 6 months before her birthday and loved him for about a week.
We love our window picture frames and grandma and grandpa do too.

Powell Family. Everyone but new baby cousin.
Mil Family. Everyone but Aunt Hannah.

Tea time!
Uncle Luke and new cousin.

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Kimber said...

yay for being done with 2011!!! woot woot! now hurry and get on 2012 :) reading through some of your posts i'm like "who in the world is rose?!" but i figured it out ;)