Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Good Hands?

I went back to work last week and left Rose in the hands of my great husband (or so I thought). Here are a few pictures of what I came home to. Also, Little Rose is 3 months old! We can't believe how fast time has flown by and how big she is getting. I have to post the cutest of the cute. Wearing dad's socks...he calls this the Kracken!
Obviously Little Rose loves this!
All in all I think she is in pretty good hands.

Look how strong and cute! Always a good yawner. And lastly, Little Rose has started putting out her bottom lip. Here's a video of Rose in her new bouncer and the lip appears.


li'l mil said...

You guys should market that new baby carrier--I think it'd be a huge hit and give those other fancy schmancy carriers a run for their money. You could call it "Baby in my Pouch."

Milmonster said...

Too bad it only works for small babies. We really had a hard time getting her out of there! Do it with Nano while you can.

cspears said...

How did you manager to get her in there? That is some talent! I love the little socks on her. She seems to enjoy that much better than the new baby carrier! To funny! At least you know dad is trying to entertain her while you are at work. . .right? Ok, maybe it's entertaining for both of them. :) Either way it's cute. Great memories!!