Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Rest of our Summer Vacation

So, I really want to post about the rest of our family vacation so here it is. We went to Steamboat Springs for my grandma's 80th birthday and grandparent's 60th anniversary. Here is my entire family on my mom's side, including my cousin who I had to photoshop in. If you look closely you can totally tell who it is.
The hub's new favorite game, Kubb.
Here is Rose with my grandma, her namesake. And yes, she is picking her nose.Rose decided to potty train herself while we were gone. AWESOME. However as soon as we got home she was uninterested. Oh well. You have to love the poop picture.My dad got a new car. Rose thought it was nice too!
After being home for quite some time we headed to Bozeman, MT for the Hub's cousin's pre-wedding party. And yes, there was a slip and slide. The boys made this gigantic 50 foot slide, lubed up with dish soap and freezing cold water and raced down. It was not on a slope so you really had to get a running start. The hub was sore for a few days after from landing on his chest 20 times. Rose took a turn and didn't like it as much as the boys.
After Bozeman we headed home for 17 hours of car time. Tired and ready for a break, we stopped at Mount Rushmore. And yes, Rose is picking her nose, again:)
She decided to do some acrobatics for picture time. We had such a great time with family and friends. Now that the hub has started dental school I am looking forward to family vacations every summer.


Chelsea Ellingson said...

Yes, Craig and I are looking forward to when he can go to school full time and have the summers off together! That Rose is getting so big, I can't believe it!

The Marcial's said...

Looks like you all had a great summer!

Amy said...

Love the update, any chance we can get a belly shot before too long?

Banana said...

love the acrobatics. and rose has expensive taste in Cars. just wait til she can drive ,':-p