Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Camping and Halloween

In September Rose and I went back to Wyoming for a little family time. We went camping with my dad's family and had a great time. Rose did great at the campsite. She chased dear, went on walks, and stayed away from the fire. Here we are with grandparents and Uncle Chris. Rose only likes my mom when she's around.
Hiking with grandpa to his old childhood cabin. It was fun to see where my dad spent time in the summers.
Reading by the campfire.
Walking my cousin's dog, Bailey.

Happy Halloween!!!
Carving and painting pumpkins with Colt and Leslie.
(notice my Spooky sign on my homemade shelf)
Rose did not like the slimy pumpkin.
I really wanted to make costumes again this year but despite my efforts I decided to take naps with Rose instead of sewing. So, we borrowed cookie monster and elmo from our neighbors and I made an easy felt cookie for the belly and a trick or treat bag for Rose.She really didn't know what to think at first but once she realized she could get candy she was well into the Halloween spirit.
Only 4 more weeks until Baby #2 arrives!


Katie @ Hippos and Dinosaurs said...

Only 4 weeks?!? You look amazing!! And I can't even tell how it made my heart feel to see another little girl in that sweet apron. Oh, and I totally love the cookie on your belly . Very clever:)

Leslie Jill Beddes said...

Love the costumes!!

Banana said...

cookie monster and a cookie. that almost rivals mr. and mrs. potato head;)