Tuesday, August 17, 2010

May Update and Philadelphia

After only a week in a half of being in our new home we decided to visit Lil'Mil, Nano and family in Philly before they headed out to Texas. We will have to visit them in Texas a lot more than we went to Philly because Rose constantly asks, (Owi is what she calls her cousin) "Owi? Owi? Where's Owi?" Here's the blog update to prove we were there.
Holding hands at the zoo. So cute.
What a great uncle reading Go, Dog, Go for the 100th time to all the kiddos.
The hub had to get stitches out from 10 moles he had removed so he asked his brother to help out. I think he learned never to do this again because at one point he got so light headed that he passed out. It was in such slow motion that none of us really knew what was going on until he was on the floor. When he came to he asked, "Where'd I go?"
Nano and Rose could always be found playing on the stairs.
Seeing some of the sights Philly has to offer, like Benjamin Franklin's grave. We learned that kids are not allowed to walk on the grave. Duh, we should have been more aware but the pennies were so enthralling.
The Mil family with Rose at Valley Forge. Thanks guys for an awesome time! For those wanting to visit the Mil family...go! Sister Mil is the best cook and host ever!