Thursday, August 19, 2010

June Update

In June we didn't do too much. I was still sick, we were getting the house ready, my parents and the Hub's mom came to visit, we finished our garden, completed a project in the kitchen, and started on the bathroom. Oh, yes, and the hub and I took a long trip to Las Vegas. Rose also turned 18 months and started nursery!!! We can finally enjoy church again.Rose looking at pictures of "baby". Sooo cute.Outside our new house after planting flowers. You can tell what Rose's favorite game is outside. Now the purple flowers have taken over and they look completely different.
The start of our garden right off of our back patio. The hub had to clear this spot out as it was a rock disaster! We rented a tiller and the walking stones are super for watering and picking! I will have to take a picture of the garden now only two months later. Unbelievable.Trying for three! Success!Our garden baby (notice the stains on her shirt). One day we went mulberry hunting with a friend. I made a pie with them but they didn't have too much flavor so I added frozen rhubarb from last year's harvest. Pretty yummy but I think I'll leave the mulberries for the birds next year.Eating breakfast in style! She seriously left these on the entire time she ate.
Las Vegas...a fun place to be for a day or so but I would not recommend 4 whole days like what we did. There is too much you really don't want to experience! But we had fun relaxing by the pool, walking around, seeing the shows (we would recommend Mystere) and just being alone.
The hub really wanted to go shopping! But he had nothing to worry about, I didn't buy anything.We loved the Bellagio fountains. Probably our favorite part of Las Vegas was getting ice cream and sitting out front on the street and watching them for an hour.
And because it is probably in high is the around 20 weeks baby belly picture. Don't worry ladies, it doesn't look like much but I'm much fatter now:)

More updates to come!!!


Wyoming Mom said...

You look gorgeous! Congratulations!!

Kristen said...

The house looks cute, Rose looks cute, and your belly is very cute! Life is good.

cspears said...

Looks like a fun I love your cute little belly!! You look great S!! Rose continues to crack me up!! Miss you!


dmn10 said...

I'm totally jealous of the house. Good to see y'all doing well.