Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Vacation Part 1: Glendo Cabin

Before I get going on our long vaca, in July we had the Mil's visit us on their way to Texas. Of course we went to the zoo but I really don't have good pictures of them but here is a cute one of papa and Rose.
The end of the month we did a ton of traveling (3 weeks and around 3,000 miles) starting with flying to Denver and visiting my grandparents and aunt and cousin from Atlanta. Then we headed to Glendo for an amazing cabin stay with the hub's family. If you have only seen the I-80 side of Wyoming you should travel northeast of Cheyenne to the Glendo/Guernsey area, so pretty!
Rose with my cousins Sarah and Joel.
Mini B getting messy at the table. All of us Mils have found the joy of owning a Chicco Hippo chair!Lil'Mil's family brought rock band to the Glendo cabin so of course we rocked out a few times. I'm pretty sure that grandpa Mil needs to start a band in retirement! We even got the kids to play a few songs.
Do not wake the sleeping Giant Hoss!
We all love Aunt Rach!
Don't worry the boys are wearing swimsuits but the kids wanted to swim! And yes, this "cabin" was amazing!Canoeing down the river. Uncle Chris and I had the more stable canoe so we didn't tip over three times like Grandpa Mil and Aunt Rose. Haha! The other boys brought us in to shore. Good thing because we would have just kept going. Good times. I think after the baby comes I might take a kayaking class.See how cool our Outback looks with a canoe!!! The canoe is borrowed so someday we will be this cool and not just pretenders.I got to visit my best friend from Rock River and her kids. I had Shade in my class both years and miss this guy so much!
Stay tuned for family vacation part 2!


Kristen said...

Looks so fun. Love the pics. Rose is looking so big!

Hoss.Rose.MiniB said...

Great post! Where was Hoss for the Daddy/Baby Bath?